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History of Manufacturing Aircraft going back 80 years

VR Holdings is official agency of LET Aircraft Industries, of the Czech Republic, in Nepal, that manufactures Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) aircrafts.

LET and VR Holdings signed the agency agreement in the presence of the Czech Minister for Industry and Trade Jan Mladek.

VR Holdings Pvt. Ltd.

VR Holdings is the official representative of Aircraft Industries a.s. (LET) of the Czech Republic that manufacturers Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) aircrafts.
LET has a history of manufacturing aircraft that goes back to 80 years. It has produced 1,100 STOL aircrafts and strives to deliver the highest quality STOL aircrafts enabling safe, reliable and timely air transport.
Goma Air was delivered first L410 aircraft with 19 seat configuration, on October 9, 2014. This model is equipped with a high altitude endurance mechanism which makes L410 best suited for a country like Nepal.
Test flights were conducted at Jomsom and Lukla airports, two of the most difficult airports in the world.